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Some Programs We Offer


Substance Abuse Treatment

Our Substance Abuse Treatment program utilizes a defendant-centered approach with a strengths-based perspective. All defendants will participate in the creation of their own in-depth treatment plan to ensure successful completion. Toward the end of their treatment, they will receive an aftercare plan that will assist them in remaining successful after therapy is completed.

Each defendant will meet with our clinician a minimum of once per week. If defendants need more intensive treatment, they will be required to attend additional sessions per week, including both group and individual therapy.


Substance Abuse/ Prevention 1

Our Substance Abuse Prevention 1 course is an 8-session course that covers scientific education about addiction and how various substances affect the body. The course also uses cognitive behavioral techniques to ensure that the defendant changes the thought process that led to legal trouble.


Substance Abuse/Prevention 2

Our Substance Abuse Prevention 2 course is a 16-session course that covers scientific education about addiction and how substances affect the body. Cognitive behavioral techniques are used to ensure that the defendant changes the thought process that led to legal trouble. This course expands on the topics covered in our Prevention 1 course and includes a more concentrated focus on additional cognitive behavioral therapy techniques.


Anger Management

Our Anger Management course is a minimum of 8 sessions and will be adapted for the defendant who needs a higher level of anger management treatment. A cognitive behavioral therapy approach is used along with engaging the defendant in a rational emotive behavior therapy approach. This program teaches the defendant to understand the events that trigger their behavior and offers an anger control plan that is individualized to their specific life circumstances.


Domestic Violence

Our Domestic Violence course is a 26-week course that is based around the batterer intervention approach. This approach is designed to hold defendants accountable for their behavior while educating them about the necessity of treating partners with respect, ending their use of violent or dominating behavior, and being responsible for the safety of their partner and children. Sessions are done in a group setting with separate groups for male and female defendants.


Marijuana Education & Dependence

Our Marijuana Education and Dependence Program is a 10-week program that can be adapted to include a higher or lower number of sessions as ordered. This program centers on motivational enhancement therapy and brief marijuana dependence counseling. The program enhances motivation to change then moves to changing marijuana use with skill building and concludes with individualized skill-building tools appropriate to the defendant.


Retail Fraud Course

Our Retail Fraud course is a 12-session course that takes an educational as well as prevention approach. Our goal is for the defendant to understand the effect their behavior has on the community and society as a whole, as well as gain coping skills to prevent retail fraud from becoming a repeated behavior.


Impaired Driving Course

Our Impaired Driving course is a minimum of 6 sessions with the possibility of more classes personalized for the defendant’s needs. Due to the highly personalized nature of this course, the defendant may attend more sessions with more focus on psychoeducational topics to ensure a change in behavior.


Probation Compliance Program

Our Probation Compliance program is created for defendants who have engaged in some form of noncompliant behavior. Noncompliant behavior could be behaviors such as being a No-Call, No-Show for their classes or missing a drug screening. This program will be a minimum of 4 sessions, and additional sessions will be added depending on the needs of the defendant and probation department.


Handgun Prevention Program

This program was designed in memory of the late 36th District Court Judge, Willie Lipscomb, who started a similar program back in 1993. The objective of this program is to educate defendants about the consequences of possessing a handgun and the senseless violence that comes with it.

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