Employment Testing

Employment Drug Testing Throughout Southeastern Michigan

Drug-free Workplace

Random drug testing is a great way to help you achieve a safer, more efficient work environment. Once employees know they are subject to random testing, word will spread quickly. When a couple people are selected for testing, employees will think twice before using drugs. We'll work with you to achieve a drug-free workplace or develop a drug-free workplace policy as cost-effectively as possible.

Benefits of Accurate Drug Testing

Save Money

Eliminating drug use effectively reduces the number of workers' compensation claims, the cost of hiring and training new employees and the cost of company liability insurance.

Save Time

Drug users are more likely to be poor employees or change employers often. Reduce your risk of hiring the wrong employee with reliable drug testing services.

Increases Productivity

Drug-free employees tend to work faster, better and make fewer mistakes.
They have fewer absences and less tardiness.

Benefits of Pre-employment Testing

Pre-employment drug testing is beneficial to any employer who wants to reduce employee turnover, absenteeism, workers’ compensation instances and workplace related issues.

Drug Policy Details

The following information is meant to provide examples of some potential sections of a well-created drug and alcohol testing policy. Every company is different, so too are drug testing policies. This section is meant to provide ideas for policy creation.

1. Who is covered by the policy?
2. What is prohibited?
3. Who will perform the testing?
4. When are tests completed?
5. What drugs will be tested?

6. How is testing completed?
7. Who will review test results?
8. What happens after a positive test?
9. Employee assistance program information
10. Employee acknowledgment

Drug Testing Benefits Everyone

Working To Keep Your Business Drug-Free

Not only does the employer benefit from regular drug testing, but their employees benefit as well. Keep your workplace safe and free from harmful influences by adopting a drug-free workplace environment and utilizing the drug testing services from Onsite Substance Abuse Testing today. Call us for more information.

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