Pre-employment Drug Testing

Pre-Employment Testing Throughout Southeastern Michigan

Types of Pre-employment Drug Testing

Candidates can be sent into any of our locations for a urine drug screen or hair test. We are capable of testing for any drug by developing customized drug testing panel based on your needs.

urine sample

Urine Sample

Urine testing is the most common method of substance detection. The cost is reasonable and almost all substances can be found in urine.


Hair Follicle

Hair Follicle Testing is a little pricier but the best method for determining drug use farther back in time. Hair follicle testing has the capability to detect drug use 90 days (sometimes farther) in the past.


Drug-free Workplace

Many companies implement drug and alcohol policies because they have made a decision not to employ individuals who use illegal drugs or abuse alcohol. We have experience developing customized policies for companies with unique needs.

New Hire Drug Testing

Making Your Hiring Process A Little Easier

Before making the hiring decision, utilize the services that Onsite Substance Abuse Testing offers and benefit from practical and reliable drug test results that will keep your workplace safer and more efficient for all. Give us a call for further questions or concerns.

Test Potential Employees