Return to Duty Testing

Return to Duty Testing Throughout Southeastern Michigan

Return to Duty Testing

Onsite Substance Abuse Testing is well aware of the many steps involved in Return to Duty Drug Testing. It is certainly not a simple process, nor should it be. More importantly, Onsite knows you can't afford to be in violation of DOT's drug testing regulations. Not only is it not safe for your other employees and the livelihood of your business, but it can literally cost you!

Keeping Your Business Protected

By partnering with our professionally trained staff and utilizing our knowledge and resources, you are giving your company access to a high level of expertise and experience that is among the best in the industry. Onsite Substance Abuse Testing guarantees all of the required steps will be followed according to the Department of Transportation's (DOT) regulations when performing Return to Duty Drug Tests on behalf of our clients.

Direct Observation Collections

As mandated by the Department of Transportation (DOT), Direct Observation collections are a requirement for all Return to Duty Drug Testing for DOT employees. Not only does Onsite Substance Abuse Testing have the trained staff to handle these situations in a professional manner, but we also provide referrals to qualified SAP's (Substance Abuse Professionals) for Return to Duty and Follow up Drug Testing.

Follow-up Drug Testing

At Onsite Substance Abuse Testing, it's our job to know DOT drug testing rules and regulations like the back of our hands. Onsite understands that all follow-up drug testing regulations must be strictly adhered to in order to meet DOT drug testing compliance standards.

Ensuring Compliance

DOT's follow-up drug testing regulations were set forth to ensure the safety of all employees in the workplace and must be followed 100% in order to be effective in working towards maintaining a drug-free workplace. The professionally trained staff at Onsite Substance Abuse Testing is here specifically to ensure that SAP recommended follow-up testing is conducted and completed as required by law.

To operate a drug-free workplace, the rules must be strict and they must be followed. Our staff works with the Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) to ensure that all DOT follow-up drug testing is done randomly without advance notification. Onsite also guarantees that drug testing will be conducted within the first (12) months after the employee is returned to duty as required by DOT.

Trust the Professionals

Supporting Your Business Needs

We ensure that SAP recommended follow-up testing is conducted and completed, giving your employees their best chance toward change and reemployment. Give us a call today to learn more about our testing services that can help make your business a more professional and safe environment for your employees.

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